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One Liner Questions Set - 05 (01-25)

Library and Information Science (Set- 05) 
One Liner Question
  1. Hybrid Library deals with Print collection and Digital Collection.
  2. Koha was developed at Katipo Communications, New zealand.
  3. Deleted Email Can be found in the Trash Folder.
  4. RDA related to cataloguing.
  5. Study carrels are exclusive areas meant for Researchers.
  6. Central  Reference Library works under the Cultural Ministry.
  7. In India ISSN provided by National Science Library (NISCAIR) New Delhi.
  8. NASSDOC Devloped by ICSSR.
  9. Mobile Library service is a Extension Service.
  10. Jimmy wales  and Larry Sanger are the founders of the Wikipedia.
  11. Alerting service is provided for specific search formulation by users.
  12. Working paper fall under the category of Grey Literature.
  13. Appropriate communication media for CD-Net is Optical Fibre.
  14. IATLIS is association of Library science faculty.
  15. Emerald is the database of Library and Information Science Literature
  16. TQM was Promulgamated by Deming and Juran.
  17. Rules for dictionary catalogue devised by C.A.Cutter
  18. A gazette gives information about official announcement  and notification.
  19. Glossary is a list of technical word with difinitions.
  20. National Library for blind and Handicapped is located in Dehradun.
  21. The term Action Research was coined by Kurt Lewin.
  22. A term Technological Gatekeepar was coined by T.J. Allen.
  23. The Journal Knowledge Organization  is published by ISKO.
  24. Fair use is term related to Copyright.
  25. Inductive logic proceeds from General to Particular.
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