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One Liner Questions Set - 09 (01-25)

Library and Information Science (Set- 09) 
One Liner Question
  1. RDA is  divide in 10 sections.
  2. The term ‘Truncation’ is related to search technique.
  3. National prior art search services facility established by NISCAIR.
  4. ‘Parry committee Report’ UK is related to Public library.
  5. “Libraries: gateways to knowledge”  established in 2005.
  6. “Libraries: gateways to knowledge is  title of NKC report.
  7. “Emerald full text database” is published by emerald publishing limited.
  8. FRBR Model is related to cataloguing.
  9. FRBR Model is divided in 3 sections.
  10. The Term “technological gate keeper” is used by T.J. Allen.
  11. The Term “Cyberspace” is used by William Gibson.
  12. The Term “Entropy” is used by Claude Shannon.
  13. Observation is tool for data collection.
  14. Research is an Intellectual Process.
  15. Survey is a Research Method.
  16. The word “Information Science”  came in 1959.
  17. DELWINDOWS is a Library software Developed by DELNET.
  18. E- Granthalya  is a Library Software Developed NIC.
  19. First Edition of C.C.F Published in 1984.
  20. Second Edition of C.C.F Published in 1988.
  21. DDC & UDC is based on Dichotomy classification Scheme.
  22. CC & LCC is based on Polychotomy classification scheme.
  23. First Edition of UDC was Published in French.
  24. Calcutta Public Library established in 1836.
  25. John Mc Farlane was the First Librarian of Imperial Library.

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