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Year Wise Development of Library and Information Science in India

Year Wise Development of 
Library and Information Science in 
Year Wise Development of Library and Information Science in India
1774: Rampur Raza Library, Uttar Pradesh.
1808: Funds for the encouragement of literature.
1835: National Library of India.
1856: Intellectual Property Right Act.
1867: The Press and Registration of books Act was enacted.
1890: Connemara Public Library.
1891: KhudaBaksha Oriental Public Library.
1910: A. W. Borden start a refresher course for librarians in India.
1911: The Design Act.
1914: The Andhra Desa Library Association was founded.
1914: Andhra Pradesh Library Association.
1917: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune.
1918:SarasvatiMahal Library.
1921: Maharashtra Library Association.
1925: Bengal Library Association.
1928: Madras Library Association.
1929: Punjab Library Association.
1929: Karnataka Library Association.
1931: ‘Five Laws of Library Science’ was first published.
1931: Samastha Kerala PustakalayaSamiti.
1933: Colon Classification (CC) was first published.
1933: India Library Association (ILA).
1936: Bihar Library Association.
1938: Assam Library Association.
1944:Utkal Library Association.
1945: Kerala Library Association.
1947: Indian National Bibliography first appeared.
1947: National Medical Library, New Delhi.
1948: Tamil Nadu (formerly Madras) Public Libraries Act. 
1951: Delhi Public Library.
1951: National Library of India.
1951: Uttar Pradesh Library Association.
1951: Hyderabad Library Association.
1953: Gujarat Library Association.
1953: Delhi Library Association.
1954: The Delivery of Books (Public Libraries) Act was passed.
1955: Hyderabad public libraries Act.
1955: Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centre (IASLIC) was founded.
1956: Delivery of Books (Public Libraries Act) 1954 was amended.
1957: Indian Library Association (ILA) became the member of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).
1957: Indian National Bibliography (INB) first appeared.
1957: Madhya Bharat Library Association.
1958: First Ph.D in the Library and Information Science in India.
1960: Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act.
1961:Gomantak Library Association.
1962: Rajasthan Library Association.
1962: Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was appointed as a National research professor of Library science.
1962: Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC), Bangalore.
1965: Karnataka Public Library Act.
1966: Jammu & Kashmir Library Association.
1967: Maharashtra Public Libraries Act.
1867: The Press and Registration of books Act Enacted.
1967: Tripura Library Association.
1972: Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) was established.
1977: NICNET
1979: West Bengal Public Libraries Act.
1985: Committee On Library and Information Science (CONPOLIS India) was set up.
1986: ERNET.
1986: National Information Policy.
1987: Mizoram Library Association.
1987: Manipur Library Association.
1988: Manipur Public Libraries Act.
1989: Haryana Public Libraries Act.
1989: Kerala Public Libraries Act.
1992: DELNET.
1993: Goa Public Libraries Act.
1993: ADINET.
1993: Mizoram Public Libraries Act
1993: UGC Curriculum Development Committee.
1994: Meghalaya Library Association.
1996: Nagaland Library Association.
2000: Information Technology Act.
2000: SOUL Software.
2001: J-Gate, an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature.
2002: Gujarat Public Libraries Act.
2002: Orissa Public Library Act.
2003: HELINET.
2005: Uttaranchal Public Libraries Act.
2006: Rajasthan Public Libraries Act.
2006: Uttar Pradesh Library Act.
2007: National Knowledge Commission on Libraries.
2011: International Standard Book Number (ISBN) allocation office in India shifted from Kolkatta to Delhi.

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