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CAS: Current Awareness Service- Definition-Characteristics-Types-Fact-Short-Note

CAS: Current Awareness Service
CAS: Current Awareness Service- Definition-Characteristics-Types-Fact-Short-Note
Definition - Characteristics -Types - Fact - Short Note
CAS : Current Awareness Service
The Purpose of Current awareness service is to inform the user about new acquisitions of Libraries.
CAS Plays important role to dissemination of Information. It is a system of getting knowledge on recent development and specially those  development which relate to the special Interest of the Individual.
CAS represent in many form such as reports, announcements indexing and Abstracting service , Digest etc. Information Bulletin is famous forms of Current awareness service which many libraries and information centers has adopted.
Acc. to S R Ranganathan –
 “He defines CAS as listing the documents appearing during the period covered and without being selected to suit the requirement of a particular reader or of a specific topic under Investigation”.
Characteristics – 
  • CAS may be print or electronic.
  • CAS does not answer any specific query but it is related to many subjects.
  • Selection has to be made from different types of documents.
  • CAS full fill the current demand of users .
  • CAS may be in Bibliographic form.
  • It is an announcement mechanism.
  • Speed and Currency are Important.
Forms of CAS-
Acquisition Bulletin - Acquisition bulletin is the list of newly purchase books or other reading materials. Public libraries in particular have used display boards and shelves to draw attention to recent additions.
Annoted Index -  An abstract of the articles of the recent issues of the journals.
Conference Alert: A list of forthcoming seminars, conference that are released weekly or monthly.
Types of CAS – 
Contents by Journal Service - In this type of service, the library or documentation center , or a commercial publisher distribute,; a publication which contains copies of contents pages of journals in a broad area, e.g.. life :sciences.
Current Awareness Lists - In this kind of service the library or documentation centre scans primary journals and other sources of current information received in the library to identify potentially useful articles of interest to their users. A documentation bulletin may sometimes include abstracts of papers listed in the bulletin.
Research-in-Progress Bulletins  - t alerts users of new research projects and the progress made in the research projects in hand. A research-in-progress bulletin usually contains information about the laboratory at which the project is being done, names of principal and associate researchers, funds and sources of funds, duration of the project, and special equipment in use, if any.
Fact to be taken care while designing CAS – 
  • The requirement of the user group
  • Type of Literature to be Included book , Journal article, Patents, Standards, events, Reports.
  • Degree of detail to be Included Title, author, abstract,, Keyword etc.
Conclusion  - 
Librarians have been providing the CAS service on manual basis for a long time. But nowadays computers are used to mechanize the procedure. Now a  days this service is providing via mail, SMS, chat etc.
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